Asian Handicap | What is Asian HDP and How to Play it at W88

An Introduction to What is Asian HDP

Asian Handicap or HDP is the most favored odds in Asian sports. 

Make it easier to place bets and enjoy the biggest jackpots when you learn what is Asian HDP from this article. 

Asian HDP is a kind of bet where the stronger team will handicap the weaker team based on the odds (numerical figure) set by the house.

Not all teams, such as in Football, are created the same. Some of the factors to consider include home-field advantage, historical dominance, injuries, financial backing, and many others.

With the aid of Asian HDP, a sense of game balance is presented. Thus, delivering more attractive bets. 

Asian HDP is preferred by many bettors because it spices up the way gambling works. 

An Introduction to What is Asian HDP

An Introduction to What is Asian HDP

In Football betting, you can use Asian HDP as an alternative approach to place bets on specific events. 

To understand Asian HDP better, imagine a 100-meter race between a normal person and a trained runner. If you were to bet here, you’d always wager on the trained runner.

There is no thrill because you can already assume who will win. But if you give the normal person a head start of 50 meters, the winner can be harder to predict. 

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Simple Gameplay of Asian Handicap 

With Asian HDP, you must understand the handicap notation.

Learn who the Underdog is and who the Favorite is in the W88 HDP tournaments. 

These teams are easy to spot as the Favorites are usually highlighted in Red, while the Underdogs get a Black highlight.

When you say Underdog, these are the low-ranking teams who are unlikely to win.

While the Favorites are the stronger teams and are the likely winners. 

Simple Gameplay of Asian Handicap

Simple Gameplay of Asian Handicap

In Asian Handicap, the score is always in multiples of 0.25 (¼).

For a closer look, this means 0-0 = 0, ¼ = 0.25 (0-0.5), ½ = 0.5, ¾ = 0.75 (0.5-1), 1 = 1, 1 ¼ = 1.25 (1-1.5), and so on. 

A difference of 0.25 will mean a Half Lose or a Half Win.

While a difference of 0.5 denotes a Full Lose or a Full Win. 

For example, you bet INR 1000 in Half-Time on Arsenal at odds 0.95 and you pick HDP -0.75 or ¾.

If the Half-Time Score Result for Arsenal Vs Wolverhampton Wanderers is a Draw (0-0), the score will instead be 0-0.75 because of the HDP.

With the given score, it becomes a Full Lose or you have to surrender your INR 1,000 wager. If Arsenal wins by 2 or more, your entire bet will be paid out.

If Arsenal wins by 1, half of your bet is paid and the other half will be refunded. 

Asian Handicap a Sport W88 2022

That is how Asian HDP works. It efficiently levels out the playing field based on the strengths and weaknesses of the teams to make betting more exciting. 

Supercharge your online betting career by placing excellent HDP bets at W88. 

You already have a picture of how amazing sports betting can be with the presence of Asian Handicap

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What is Asian HDP – How to Place Bets at W88 

Placing Asian HDP bets at W88 is simple. Follow the steps below:

What is Asian HDP - How to Place Bets at W88

What is Asian HDP – How to Place Bets at W88

→Go to Tournament then select Early Market for the coming matches. 

→Choose a league name like the English Premier League.

→Click the odds of your selected team.

→Add your stake and make a bet.

What is Asian HDP – Play and Win Big 

By now, you are already well aware of what is Asian HDP

Sports betting using W88 Asian HDP can be tricky at first. But with consistency and persistent observance of the game, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. 

The best way to win is to trust your hunch and adjust bets based on tactful elimination. 

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